Beginners have a lot of interest in tennis betting however it can also be overwhelming. For beginners using Lotus365 India’s best betting platform, a good foundation and knowledge of the basics will greatly enhance your betting experience. This blog gives some of the most important tips to tennis beginners.

Basic Types of Betting

Match Winner:

Definition: Which player is going to win the match? This is the easiest and most common form of tennis bet.

Strategy: Analyze player form, head-to-head records and performance on surfaces so as to make informed decisions.

Set Betting:

Definition: Predicting exactly what will be the score in sets, for example a 2-0 victory or a 2-1 loss by one player taking part in a best-of-three match.

Strategy: Evaluate players’ endurance and consistency. For instance, strong players are more likely to win three sets at once while competitive matches may go all through five sets.

Over/Under Games:

Definition: Bet on total number of games played in a match either over or under specified numbers.

Strategy: Assess playing styles and matchups. Matches between big servers often see less serve breaks hence more games are played per set.

Key Tips for Beginners

Research and Analysis:

Player Statistics: Understand key statistics including win/loss records, serve percentages, break points won etc for any given player.

Match Context: Other factors that should always be considered include where this match sits in the tournament schedule; surface type; relative form for each player recently etc

Bankroll Management:

Set a Budget: Decide how much money you want to stake and stick with it. That is never bet an amount greater than your limit because you do not wish to chase losses when they come about .

Stake Size: Place between 1-5% bets depending on bankroll size per game. It reduces risk and allows you to survive losing streaks too.

Start with Simple Bets:

Focus on Match Winner: Beginning with match winner bets is better for a beginner. These are simple and require less research.

Avoid Complex Bets: Stay away from more complicated bets such as accumulators or parlays until you become more confident and experienced.

Use Multiple Sources:

Information Gathering: For instance, look at several sports news websites, read player interviews and expert analysis. This will give you a wider perspective of the game.

Odds Comparison: By comparing odds among different betting platforms, you can find out if there are any discrepancies that may be profitable to exploit. Even slightly different odds could affect your potential return.

Understand Betting Markets:

Explore Options: Familiarize yourself with multiple betting markets such as handicap betting, set betting or total games. Being aware of these options can make it possible for you to get some value out of the market.

Live Betting: You have the chance to place wagers while the match is still on; hence watching it live enables you to make decisions based on real-time events happening in the field.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Betting on Favorites Blindly:

Avoid Assumptions: Don’t just assume that favorites will always win. Analyze matches thoroughly before placing bets by taking all factors into consideration first .

Value Bets: Seek out value bets where the odds indicate that this outcome is more likely than backing favorites.

Ignoring Player Injuries:

Injury Reports: Always check for player injuries or fitness issues before betting. Injured players usually perform poorly in matches they participate in .

Recent Withdrawals: Players who have withdrawn from matches due to injury recently must also be treated with caution when considering their potential success rate .

Overlooking Surface Suitability:

Surface Analysis: Do you know how different surfaces affect player performance? There are those who excel on certain surfaces while others struggle there

Historical Data: Refer to historical data about past performances on similar courts when making stakes.


If one approaches it with the right strategies and knowledge, tennis betting can be fun and beneficial. To improve your betting experience and increase your chances of success, start with basic wagging bets, do thorough research, manage the bankroll well and avoid common mistakes. For a full user-friendly betting experience get the Lotus365 app today. With its wide variety of features and competitive odds, the Lotus365 ensures that you have the most superior betting experience in India.

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